central and distributed systems



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    Nicholas Civitano

    MEEB-- Starting to see this as the best resource for PPD for the areas it covers. I also have noticed questions on the PPD exam that are essentially directly pulled from this..

    Chapter 18.18 in my edition (11th)

    Distributed systems are a series of low level loudspeakers located overhead in a space, each speaker covers a small area like downlights. Typically used in low ceiling areas where a central system cannot provide the proper coverage. Often used in airline terminals, offices, and large stores.-- I think of this like a sound system in Macys or something which plays low level music and each speaker is carrying the same signal.


    Central systems are one array which has directional high freq. units and less directional low freq. units in an array to cover one area i.e. a theater. In other words its kind of like those Receiver / sound systems you get in one package to hook to your blu ray player. Sometimes they have a Subwoofer, a central speaker and 2 to 6 additional directional left/right speakers. 


    Hope this helps!



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    Ariana Parrish

    Thank you, this is helpful!

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