PcM Pass - 3rd Try



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    Nicholas Pallotto

    Hi Kelly,

    Congratulations! and thanks for sharing this information.
    I am pretty sure I have seen some of your previous posts in the past and this has helped ignite my PcM and PjM study process. 



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    Tony Young

    Thank you for this post, honestly right before I seen your post I was feeling discouraged.  I have taken three exams PPD, PDD, and PA all which I have failed.  It has become so hard now to keep going with not passing exams.  I keep questioning what am I doing wrong why can't I pass these exams.  What I feel comfort with is that you took the test three times not giving up.  That was a sign for me to not give up and keep going......

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    William May

    I'm testing tomorrow, first test.  To quote a few, "Less is more".  By that I'm wondering if there comes a point that one can read too much and listen too much. 

    We are all in offices and probably seeing what firms do and how they function.  The thought that we need to memorize is probably not realistic.  Understanding the concepts and the general information will probably help in both test and actual practice.

    Does that make sense?

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    William May


    You aren't failing, the system has failed you.  I received a Fail on the PcM this past Saturday.  I cranked right thru the T/F, multiple Choice and Fill in Blank.  I felt very good with those questions.  The case study questions had no business being in that test.  I had 18 out of 20 that were accounting questions. 

    Case Study questions should not be accounting questions.  Billing, financing, and other money based questions are for accountants.  And, with many architects, a sole practitioner who is not dealing with margins like Gensler deals with, the questions were not a determination of my ability to deal with the health, safety and welfare of the public or non-existent staff.  I know nearly a dozen architects who are sole practitioners who would not do the kind of questions that were on this test.

    You didn't fail because of what you did or didn't do.  You failed because the process that trained you and is now testing you is failing.

    I feel your pain.

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    Rebecca Jacobs

    Wow, these posts are very helpful. I, too, was getting very discouraged before I read these. Misery loves company! I study, watch the Black Spectacle videos, Read through Ballast, study the Building Code, and I take the practice exams and it seems like the information is not similar to what was covered. I took the P & A exam mainly to see if I was studying the right way and I failed. I don't know why I thought that I would get to see the questions that I got wrong so I would understand the content better, but unfortunately, you get very little information other than "FAIL".  Now that I have to wait 60 days to take that test again I have started studying for Practice Management. Wow! Once again I watched hours of Black Spectacle videos, Read the Ballast and the AHPP. When I took the practice exams it was like seeing the information for the first time. I have my own business and I still feel like I am reading a foreign language.  I don't know why there is such a disconnect between the study materials and the test questions. I plan to meet with a friend of mine who is an insurance agent so maybe she can help me understand the insurance terms. I am also going to meet with the lawyer who helped me start my business to see if he can help me understand some of the legal terms. I am definitely putting in the hours of studying but I think I need to be more organized like Kelly. Btw, Congratulations on passing and good luck on your next exam!!! 

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    William May


    Here again, a person with a business, failing a test that has a 56% Pass Rate.  My guess is that you produce projects that do meet code reviews and provide your clients with the ability to obtain building permits.  A Pass in my book.


    You go girl!  Congrates on passing.  But, if you had to get a passing score 2 out of 3 tries, would you?  If you had to take the test again, on Monday, do you feel confident you would pass again?

    This is what bothers me.  Did you pass because of your skill, experience and ability or did you get lucky this last time?  That's a rhetorical question but is it possible the test you passed this third time was in some way easier than the previous 2 times? 

    Again, kudos on passing.  Hopefully you pass the other tests on the first try.  Considering that the tests cost $235 now, you spent $705.  If you take the following 5 tests 3x each you will have spent roughly $4,230.  Not to mention the time you studied, the study materials you purchased, the fuel you used going to the test sites.  But, when you do become licensed, wow, think about how much money you will make ( wink ).  Well worth the effort to become licensed eh.

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