Would I fail PcM if I dont have time to study AHPP?



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    Ryan Singer

    Hi Yasmin. 

    Hmm. probably, but everyone is different. I have 18 years experience and decided a few years back to try taking the exams and studying with limited time. I passed one and failed a couple and ultimately lost my momentum. I joined the Young Architects ARE Bootcamp in February and it's made a world of a difference and I actually feel ready. You get so much study material from them and I highly recommend it if you find out that you might need some extra support. There are other groups like Black Spectacles, but those are more expensive and from what I see it's just ok help.. The good thing about YA ARE Bootcamp is it forces you to really know the stuff and you are among a bunch of other people trying to do the same so your questions all get answered and you really do learn.

    Wishing you all the best on your test

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    Fernando Mingo Jozami

    Highly likely. The PcM exam is based on AIA contracts and the AHPP. Also you can benefit from reading Rena Klein’s guide to Small Firm Management. Use the index. It is posted somewhere in the forum.

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    William Cody

    Probably, the exam is extremely poorly written and it is based on the AHPP almost exclusively. Some of the questions developed are so specific that you pretty much have to hope that you get questions from the AHPP and not ones developed by someone with a strange firm organization. Took me 2 exams of wading through awful questions and on the third try I got questions from the AHPP and passed it. Definitely the most difficult exam with the fewest existing resources available.

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    Below is the link to the website where they indicate more compressed sections to study the AHPP.  I'm not sure what you have, but I think this one is more brief than other's I've seen. I did pass PcM only studying these sections, but, I think that the questions go beyond this. Also, if you have the pdf version, there'a Read Out Loud function in the View tab.  It's not perfect, but I think it will be better than not reading the AHPP at all. I agree with William above, the questions on the exam come straight out of AHPP... Not Ballast.

    In terms of your experience, it won't help you for this exam, unless you've been a business owner.  There are accounting questions, ethics questions, quality management, insurance and of course, the contracts.  Listen to the Schiff Hardin lectures as he goes through each point of the contracts.  If you can listen to things during work, that will help a lot.



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    Yasmin Fathi

    Thank you all for your help!

    Really appreciate it.

    I will start reading AHPP.

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