Lateral Support for Mansory Walls



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    Anson Nickel

    Hi Dafne,

    Let's say you have an 8" thick non-bearing exterior masonry wall. Given the chart in your image, the maximum L/t for such a wall is 18. That leaves only the 'L' as a variable. A reminder here that 'L' doesn't mean the length of the whole wall, only the maximum length between supports. 

    L/t = X ----> L/8" = 18 ----> L=8" * 18 = 144"

    Given the above, the longest wall you could build without supports would be 144" or 12'-0".  

    It doesn't matter what units you use for 'L' and 't' as long as they are consistent. 

    Hope this helps.



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    Dafne Serdio

    Thank you Anson, this helped me greatly understand the table. 

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