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    Karin Bell

    My test is on Monday, so I can't tell you whether I've had success in a pass/fail sense, but I loved the Pluralsight videos for PA. They are NOT a primary source, but for such a broad exam they really helped me understand what topics were going to be on the test and introduced them concisely. I use them as an introduction, study guide, refresher, etc. I also like to watch them when I don't actually feel like studying so that I'm still being productive!

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    Tzu-Yu Chen

    Plurasight are super helpful for PcM, PjM.

    However, PA is not overlap with the actual exam as well as PcM & PjM.

    It does cover most of the topic but spend detail on the different section from the exam. For example, the exam have quite a bit on “locating program block on a site” with the consideration of light, wind, surrounding and preserve existing landscaping.” “ Soil type”...etc. and not so much on the “water sheds”, “wildfires”....

    This is a good material to cover part of the PA items but not the only material you should rely on. 

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    Carolina Quintero Duque

    Hi, they have a free access over this weekend only. For anyone interested.

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    Wendy Dyba

    I liked them a lot - found them very informative. I agree that they shouldn’t be your primary source, but I find that to be true of all study guides, audio or print. I have yet to find one that has all the material for the tests.

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