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    Brian Chanda

    Thank you so much for your write up, Christopher!

    Since I am taking PA next month, I am curious if you read any other related chapters in Ballast other than PA? If you did, which ones do you recommend?


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    Monika Budniak Wischmann

    Very helpful, thanks!

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    Christopher Drinan

    Hi Brian,

    I did not read any other sections of the Ballast review manual for this test. I had been over the other sections for the exams that I had already passed, but I don’t think that there was much overlap in the PA section.

    I had read in these forums that Project Development and Documentation has a lot of similar information, that is just goes further in depth. I’m sure this is true, and I’ll find out more as I begin to study that section next

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    Brandon Pietras

    Thank you christopher, this is a great summary and very helpful in organizing my own study plan! 

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