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    Mohammed Ali Haddad

    Thank you Nguyen Huy for your thorough feedback on the exam. What about materials related to CSI MasterFormat? I noticed that you did not mention anything about it! 

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    Nguyen Huy

    @Mohammed: Because I had a short period of time to study so I decided to skip that. I didn't have any CSI Master Format in my test but I would definitely study the material recommended by the NCARB ARE Handbook.

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    Yi Li

    Hi Nguyen

    Thanks for the tips. I was wondering if you can be more specific on what to study for in the ( chapters and topics) for fundamental of Building construction. Architectural graphic standards. And building construction illustration ? Do you recommend to buy the books ? I have 0 CA experience and I am worried that I might be able to take the test yet

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    Nathalie White

    This was really helpful! Thank you for taking the time to share.

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    Michael Smith


    Do you look at the Narmour Wright sections suggested only or you look at other sections, if Yes, which ones. Please advise. 

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    Gang Chen


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