Last test, PDD, passed!



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    Christopher Wong

    Congrats! Must be a huge relief to have it all done! Taking PDD on Monday. It's also my last test (if I pass).

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    Michael Lawson

    Thanks Christopher, and hopefully I'm not too late to wish you the best of luck today! 

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    Christopher Wong (Edited )

    Thanks Michael. I'm glad to say that I passed! Quick summary of my overall experience:

    It took me about 10 months to finish all the exams taking it in this order: PcM, PjM, CE, PA, PPD, PDD. I thought that PDD was definitely the hardest one which seems to align with most people's opinions on this forum. I agree that it's very difficult to study for this one and I wound up relying more on process of elimination than I would have liked. Experience in the field also definitely helps a lot in this test I think (6 years in architecture and 2 years working as a architectural metals sub).

    I took 4 weeks after passing PPD to prepare for this one. The study materials I used was pretty much all the same stuff everyone else uses. Ballast, Ching, Designer Hacks, etc. Keep a study journal. Make flashcards as you go. Take practice tests and take notes and read up on the ones you missed. The practice tests were essential for me. Take as many as you can get your hands on. Focus on consistent productive study habits rather than long cram sessions. Review your notes regularly and add to them. It's a laborious way to study, but I think it helped me remember things better. Also, don't forget to take some time off. In my case I took a bit over a month here to travel and another month there to play Red Dead Redemption 2 (worth it). 

    One thing I did for every test including this one was to skip to the case studies after answering the first ten questions or so. I feel I'm just better equipped to deal with the case study sections when my mind is fresh. Mark all questions that have calculations no matter how simple. Revisit them and you might find that a silly mistake or missed detail threw off your answer. I definitely caught myself making some simple mistakes like this on every test I took, but maybe that's just me... Be economical with your time. If you find yourself spinning your wheels on one question, just mark it and skip it. It's worth one point just like the rest. After I answered all the questions, except for the ones I left blank, take a break. Drink some water/juice. Eat a snack. Go back and review.

    I can't say I enjoyed taking these tests, but I did find myself applying what I've learned into my work and vice versa. Overall, I think the effort is worthwhile and it will make you better at your job.

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    Tyler Dallison

    @ Michael & Christopher,

    I also passed PDD this week and am finished! Thank you for your help, it is truly wonderful to be finished with the examinations.


    To those testing,

    Keep pushing forward and do not get discouraged!

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    Michael Lawson (Edited )

    Congratulations to both of you, it really does feel good to be done. I don't know about you, but it hasn't really sunk in yet, partially because I'm still waking up early out of habit to study, then don't know what to do with my free time. 

    Christopher, it looks like our approaches were different in many ways, which I think does a great job illustrating how many different paths you can take, and ways you can study to complete these exams and still find great success. Way to go! 

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