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    Margarita Bedmar Gonzalez (Edited )



    I am interested too, I just do not know how worth it it is .... will this really help ? My pass experience paying for material was very bad i paid for PA book guide from Architect prep exam and failed big time....

    Are you interested in the monthly superscription or just to buy a bundle of videos?

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    Neysha Mejia Torres

    Thank you for reaching out Margarita, but I already joined a group. I am interested in the monthly subscription and looking for additional study material. I haven’t tried Amber but have read good things about it. Good Luck! Let’s all finish this!

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    Liliana X. Lais Nuh

    Margarita, we have a group of 5. If we have one more person we will save $200 each. Do you want to join? Email me

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    Mary Luster

    Hi, anyone still looking to sign up? I want to start ASAP.

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