3 Attempts, 3 Fails



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    Courtney Pickett

    I felt the same way about PPD and so I searched for alternative study materials. I can't say how great it is yet as I have just started studying with it, but Hyperfine Architecture offers a guided study course that I'm trying out for PDD and PPD. 


    If you are interested, I think I have a discount code I can share with you! Good Luck! 

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    Hi Coutney- is it too late for that discount code? I’m considering Hyperfine. Thanks!

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    Michael Bruno

    use Designer Hacks online multiple choice. I was 5 for 5 on exams since I started using it. Just passed PDD this week, and I am now complete with my testing.

    Kaplan, Brightwood, Ballast and Designer Hacks is what I used for all successful PASS results. Hardest part is taking time to study, but also what was successful was one chapter a night to ease in and finish 1 study book. It helped become familiar, and then about 2 weeks out I went nuts on practice exams/designer hacks. Worked for me, maybe give it a shot?

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