Practice Management Testing was Unexpected



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    Alyssa Dirks

    Hi Macy,

    I think test number 1 is always hard no matter which one you take. Also, Practice Management was a very hard test. I recommend studying for Project Management as well. The content overlaps. I haven't done any of the Designer Hack content but I found Ballast to be the most helpful over all for all of the exams so far. Their practice tests are great and I think the book is the best place to start. I have PPD and PDD left. I think Black Spectacles is a but too broad for me. I didn't find it helpful and honestly, a waste of time. Although I do look at their youtube mock exams and do those questions before my exam as additional practice.

    AHPP is also a great source for this exam as well as PjM and CE. I am probably a bit over cautious but whatever is on the reference list, I study. 

    You'll be fine. Don't let this get you down. Just keep going and you will get there. 


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    Erin Harmon

    I recommend the Young Architect PCM course. It helped me. Failing an exam is part of the process. It sucks but keep going. You can do it. 



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    Kathryn O'Regan

    Hi Macy,

    That sure is frustrating but don't get discouraged.  I just took Practice Mgmt and passed, but I still felt like a lot of the questions were surprises, mostly in the subtleties of the wording of both scenario questions AND answers that were themselves multi-faceted scenarios.  I agree it was a little disorienting.

    I purchased the 2015 version of AHPP as my sole big investment to study, and I think having the updated version helped.  I read most of Part 1 (The Firm or something like that), skimmed Project Management and project delivery models, and spent a bit more time reading anything called out as case studies and diagrams of relationship to help with comprehension and application.  I also went through an old set of archiflash cards that helped introduce new terms or ones I hadn't thought of before.  I would recommend really studying all the contract documents and commentary about what they are intended to do/protect and WHY we use them.

    Did you take the practice ARE that NCARB has online?  I personally wouldn't bother with too many additional quizzes since I thought the ARE setup and style was unique.

    Try to not overthink the questions, either.  Even though some answers may actually be viable solutions that YOU might employ at your firm, think about what the applicable references (Code of Ethics, Contract Docs, etc) limit and define and keep the response simple.  Can you get more involved in your firm's operations as well?  Ask about insurances that are included when you sign contracts, help out with the contracts, etc, even if you're not the one calling the shots.

    And for what it's worth:  looks like the pass rate for 2018 Practice Mgmt was't feel bad.  You can absolutely do this.  It seems overwhelming now, but the more you're exposed to business management concepts, the simpler they will seem.  Good luck.


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    Claudio D Addato

    Hi Macy,

    I studied on AHPP and payed a lot of money on Black Spectacles to take their tests online. I would not suggest to waste all the money as I did, because when I took the test the real questions were way on another level of difficulty.

    I complained with Black spectacles because I assumed for that amount of money the questions would have been way much harder than the test itself and they answered that they are only for reference. It's upsetting.

    I'm still studying with a different approach now and hopefully sometime soon I'll pass this exam.

    Wish you luck.


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    William May

    Is it possible to practice architecture without using all the AIA forms and documents? 

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