PPD: How to move forward?



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    Louis Bielicke

    Erin, How I feel your pain and frustration!!  I am currently sitting 5/6 with a PPD 0 for 3 although consider the first fail a result of the changeover in format and test type from 4 to 5.  I had scheduled / taken both PPD and PDD in close proximity and after failing each on the first try felt confident that my day to day knowledge along with a bit more studying would put me over the top on each.

    After utilizing a month of straight cramming both Black Spectacle divisions, PDD (supposedly the harder of the two??) was knocked out on my second try while PPD proved to be yet another miss.  Third time rolls around and I fly through PPD with brimming confidence and 20 min. to spare on the clock.  WHAM, I have come up short again!!

    At this point is it almost like throwing spaghetti at the wall?  Sooner or later I will get the correct set of questions that fit my knowledge set??  Or do I continue to read / rehash and read again???

    My situation differs from most candidates in that I am a 50 years old with 30 years practical experience and taking the exam under a non-degreed / non-accredited approval.  I truly feel that PPD is the ultimate test of separating "Real World" experience versus "By The Book" knowledge.

    Thank you for the post and continued good luck.  I am anxious to see additional feedback of others that are / may have been in the same position we find ourselves.

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    Liliana X. Lais Nuh (Edited )

    Erin, unfortunately I am on the same situation as you are. I am only missing PPD and PDD and I took both and failed twice. My take on this is NCARB really makes these questions impossible adding unnecessary tricks to rather simple questions making it impossible for one to figure it out even having the highest IQ level.
    The more tests you take the more money they make.... I feel that if NCARB wants to trick us on these questions at least have a study manual to get us prepared for it since many of the questions are nowhere to be found in the books listed....

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    Jonathan Schluenz

    Hi Erin-

    I feel your pain, and am about to go for my third try at PPD. I felt very prepared for my last try, but felt like I had been given the wrong exam when I sat down at the testing center. I tried Black Spectacles for PPD, and felt like they covered most areas of testing, but what was actually on the test was completely different.

    My plan is to reset completely and start over. Ive been reading the Ballast study guide, and also plan on getting into the Architects Studio companion, as Ive seen quite a few recommends for that book. Keep going! Ive heard that its worth it.

    If you find any gems along the way, let me know. Ill let you know as well. Good studying!



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