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    Yi Li

    Thanks for the advice! and congratulations! 


    I was wondering if you can be more specific about

    • Understand how to read zoning regulations and how they affect your project."  ? 

    I was not sure how much we need to know on the codes and regulations. 



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    Yung-Han Chang

    I had multiple questions on zoning regulations for a project in my case study.   You don't need to memorize the zoning code, but you need to know where to find the information.  There is a search function in the case studies that was very useful for quickly searching through the code.  Basically its very similar to the Ballast exam case study on being giving an example zoning code, then finding out if your project complies, or if it doesn't comply, how to change it to comply.

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    Yi Li

    Thanks !

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    Matthew Cooper

    Thanks for the thorough accounting of your experience. One question though: 

    Zoning and code are two unrelated things. One is a set of rules centered around land use and what broadly one can build in different parts of a given jurisdiction. The 'code' normally means the building code, which dictates how a building must be constructed in order to maintain public safety. 

    Which is it that was on the test? 

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    Rodolfo Martin

    The best piece of advice for me was the making of  good exam plan and I think that because I did not have one, I failed my first exams but when I started planning the exam, I started to pass. For example, for C&E and PjM, which are both the same length and the same number of questions, I ended up that the pacing had to be 20 questions every 30 minutes, which is easy to achieve and easy to track. That is exactly 1 min 30 sec per questions. Most of the questions take less than a minute which is OK to compensate with a couple of questions that  could take maybe 3 minutes.By doing this, I found that at the beginning of the case studies, I had 90 reminding, which is excellent because you have to use the reference document. With this strategy, I have still 15 minutes to return to review and revise previous questions. The friend  who passed me this piece of advise have had more than 30 minutes to review all questions.

    Ah, very important. I take my break at the first question of the case study. 

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