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    Stephanie Clarkson

    I just took and passed PDD yesterday. Going into it I was very overwhelmed with all the different equations and formulas to understand. After spending several weekends seemingly banging my head against the table I decided that there probably wouldn't be TONS of math questions on the exam and that if I understood the basic concepts and relationships I would probably be fine. 

    And guess what, I was right. As long as you know how to find basic trigonometry - like how to find the lengths of sides of a right triangle, slope = rise over run and understand the relationship of r value = 1/u value then you will be fine. 

    I took the approach of setting aside all of the questions that required calculations until the end of the exam. Unless I knew right away how to do it. For me, even just having to do a calculation can kind of take my head out of reading, comprehending, and answering a word or picture based question. So for me, it was easiest and most time efficient to do all the math at the end. 

    I have always struggled with math and i managed to pass this exam and you can too.

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    Abdulgader Naseer


    Congratulations on the pass! Your input is both encouraging and reassuring. Thank you very much, and good luck with retaking PPD.

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