B101 Submittal Approval



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    Alexander Behnke


    Submittals are not regarded as contractual documents in of themselves. 

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    David Kaplan


    The discrepancy here is what we as architects are actually "approving" and what that approval actually means.  Yes, we do need to review the submittals and approve them before the GC can proceed.  However, that "approval" is only that we've approved that what has been submitted is in general conformance with the Construction Documents.  We've verified that what they submitted conforms to the design concept of the project.  This approval does NOT release the responsibility of the GC to verify dimensions on site, to handle all information pertaining to the fabrication processes, and to verify techniques of construction.   They also are still responsible for coordinating the work of all trades associated with the submittal.

    So, by us "approving" the submittal we are saying "yes, you've generally given us back what we drew and/or specified."  The GC needs this approval so they at least know "OK, we at least have approval that this item conforms to the design the Architect did."  However, they handle the rest.

    Hope that helps.

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    Rodolfo Martin

    Avoid using the word approval. Use any of the other options. Architects only look at the submital to check intent of design. If you catch a mistake by the subcontractor, you can point out to it,but by saying that it is approve, you are saying that all is correct and that makes you assume a responsibility that you don;t have as architect. Let the GC to take care of his/her own mistakes.

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