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    Meghan Teichmann

    Hi! I am using Designer Hacks because it was a one time fee of 40$ which was very reasonable compared to others. It gives you options of 10Q and 25Q test as well as an actual timed test with 85 questions just like the real thing. 

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    Marina Curac (Edited )

    HI Renee!

    If PcM is your first exam, I HIGHLY recommend investing in Architects Handbook of Professional Practice. It is a huge book that comes with a hefty price, but it's all worth it. This book should be your family and best friend. It will not only help you pass the exam, but allow you to become a much better practitioner. 
    As of practice questions, I used Ballast Practice Questions and Practice Exam. People say these are the closest to the actual exam questions. I would not agree, because the actual exam questions are so.... out there. The main value I see in Ballast's questions is to practice reading, understanding, applying knowledge... They can be challenging, however, and that's a good thing. They really helped me minimize my mistakes caused by simply not reading questions and answers correctly. 
    Good luck!

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    Bruce Gilbert


    I would recommend the AHPP book also. Marina is right in that it is a big book, dry reading, but filled with alot of good information. I just bought it on Amazon for $126 about a month ago. That was by far the cheapest. It is normally around $250.

    Good Luck,


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    Kathryn O'Regan

    Adding my voice to recommendations to buy AHPP.  I'm in a Management/Director-like position at my firm and I actually reference that book frequently, so I think it's a good investment beyond the ARE.

    For practice tests, the only one I took was the online NCARB one.  I thought it gave me a good feel for the type of questions and complexity in scenarios presented in the real exam.  I know it's only 20 questions, but it was really helpful.  

    I used Ballast for one of the 4.0 tests and agree that HOW the questions are asked in that tutorial are helpful as well.

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