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    Elif Bayram

    Hi Gandhi,

    Congratulations on the pass and good luck with the PDD!! I was wondering how many hours have you studied for this exam and what is your background? Cause like you, I also passed PjM, PcM, PA and got credit for CE (passed CDS in 4.0 version) and I am overwhelmed by the amount of the study materials that need to be reviewed for PPD and PDD. 

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    Congratulations,which one is Structural Design Handbook? 

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    Gandhi Habash (Edited )

    Elif - I studied between 15-20 hours a week for 4-5 weeks. My background is in architecture.

    Tianye - I meant to write the Site Planning and Design Handbook.

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    Canuto DeLeon


    Your post has put me at ease about finally scheduling this exam. I've been holding off for too long as I'm coming up on a year since I passed four exams outside of PPD & PDD. Can't wait to see how PDD goes for you .... 

    Good Luck!

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    Kung Yu Pan (Edited )

    Congrats Gandhi!

    Unlike you, I had an unsuccessful attempt on PPD this past weekend :/ 

    I have PDD lined up next in a month, and I just rescheduled PPD again yesterday, which will be a month from PDD. 

    I've used all the materials you listed except Black spectacle, so I wonder if you recommend getting a month subscription for both the lecture videos & practice problems. I've used designerhacks but I feel the questions are too easy. Let me know what you think! 


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