ARE study guide - mistake in chapter 50



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    Theodore Diamond

    This is a contracts question, mainly governed by AIA A201.  Check out section 5 for subcontractor issues.  Scaffolding is almost always provided by a sub, not by the general contractor.  Field reports is a funny one, because engineers and architects do often provide those.

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    Junfei Pei

    I encounter the same question. I believe this is a typo. Either without NOT or without SOlELY, then question makes sense to me. I need to ask some of the seniors in my firm to confirm my theory.

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    Peter Mall

    I ran upon this last night, in my copy of Ballast material, example problem 50.3, it indicates the correct answer to be A, and goes on to explain:

    Scaffolding is part of the means of construction, which is the contractors responsibility. Field reports are the responsibility of the architect. Selection of subcontractors is subject to approval of both architect and owner. If a subcontractor makes a claim to the contractor, the contractor in turn makes a claim to the owner that is reviewed by the architect.

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