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    Jennifer Schuler

    The waste 'stack vent' is part of a standard plumbing riser diagram, it is the uppermost vent pipe of a soil/waste stack that continues the pipe through the roof.  The question as I am reading it is asking you to verify which fixtures typically connect to the stack vent.

    ^This riser diagrams video by Black Spectacles does a pretty good job of explaining the purpose of the stack vent. See also Building Construction Illustrated, Chapter 11, section 11.28 Drainage Systems. Try to think of all the fixtures within a restroom or part of the plumbing riser diagram which would require venting to the outdoors. I would have selected water closet over utility sink. I've read various sources in which a water closet has been referred to as the toilet fixture and other sources where the water closet is referenced as a room containing a toilet. 

    Hope this explanation is helpful.

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    Baylee Holder


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    Amelia Kraft

    This question confused me too. I worked out that 'soil stack' refers to toilets (human waste), 'waste stack' is for venting other types of plumbing.

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    Nicholas Kazmierski

    Agree with Amelia:

    Soil stack = Human Waste

    Waste stack= Everything else


    This one's weird, though. It seems that a bidet would also want to be connected to a soil stack, as it could potentially contain human waste. 

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