Hyperfine Architecture Study Course



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    Aleena Majumdar

    Hi Courtney,
    I’d certainly recommend it. It’s been quite useful so far in helping me consolidate study materials and focus on concepts for the PDD test. He provides a list of study sources for each question and so, you’re actively studying through both Q&A format and readings. Videos on certain questions are also posted which I find terrific - all at a very affordable price.
    Hope this helps !

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    Danielle Sturman

    This is the first I am hearing of this study source and looking at the sample assignments it looks like a great resource! Can I ask how you integrated it with the rest of your studying? I tend to pile too many study options on my plate and can quickly become overwhelmed with how to organize my study time since it is limited! 


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    Osman Bilger

    buy it. I used it for my last two. Ben, the creator, went through the exams recently so the content is definitely relevant. 

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    Aleena Majumdar

    @Danielle Sturman : This isn't the first source I started out with. I went through the Ballast, Building Construction Illustrated and the Amber Videos first. I am using Hyperfine to reinforce my understanding of concepts as it helps you focus on specific subjects through multiple readings and questions. This is a good way to learn in my opinion.

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    Courtney Pickett (Edited )

    Thank you everyone for input, and thank you Ben for creating Hyperfine! 

    I just signed up for the PPD/PDD Study Course and I look forward to utilizing all your hard work for my benefit. ;) 


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    Robin Tannenbaum

    Hyperfine is a great resource to help synthesize all of the material that you are otherwise just reading but maybe not synthesizing.  Ben does a great job and he helps you think the way you need to so you can crack the nut that is the NCARB way.

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