NCARB will not respond




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    Nick NCARB

    Hey Robert,

    I checked with NCARB Customer Service and it appears they reached out to you yesterday. Please let us know if you have any additional questions. 

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    Monica Gastelum-Garcia

    I’m a bit frustrated too. I’ve contacted them with the dates below.
    emailed 2018.12.10 no response
    emailed 2019.01.21 no response
    emailed 2019.01.25
    Call from NCARB 2019.01.29 8:26 am (said they would email me) no response.

    I’m guessing I’ve been black listed.

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    Nick NCARB

    Hey Monica,

    I have sent your message directly to our Customer Relations team and someone will be contacting you soon. We apologize for the delay. 

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