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    Ronald Harris

    The following is from David Kaplan's post and it has helped me immensely. Only thing I'd add is that the ARE 5.0 Hand Book now cites IBC 2015 and BCI 2015 as source materials instead of 2012. The rest is spot on. The original post is here:  the comment is the second or third one down.


    Code Review - definitely know Chapters 3, 5, and 6 of the IBC 2012 and know how to use them.  You will get these excerpts on the test, so I don't see memorization being key here, but you should be familiar with what the various Use Groups are per Chapter 3, how to determine the size of a building using Table 503 and the sprinkler and frontage increases, and the various construction types in Chapter 6.  You should also be familiar with egress sizing requirements, which are laid out in Chapter 10.  I am the primary code analyst in my office, so felt very comfortable with these questions on the test and did not focus my studying efforts here.  If you are not familiar with using the Code, I can’t imagine taking this test without reviewing this fully.    


    • Study sources: Ching’s Building Codes Illustrated.  Love this book, can’t recommend it enough, and purchasing it will also be advantageous for your last two exams: PPD and PDD.  I still use this book in my office.  Also – of course, IBC 2012 and ANSI 117.1.  In particular, know what makes sites and buildings accessible.  Imagine yourself walking onto an existing site or an existing building and being asked “what upgrades need to be made to make this site and building accessible?”  Know how to approach that.


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    David Kaplan


    Glad I could help! 

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    Luis Ramirez

    Thank you both this is very helpful. 


    Much appreciated. 



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