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    Amos Williams

    In the ARE Handbook what chapters are good to study for the PDD exam

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    Michael Lawson


    The ARE Handbook doesn't exactly have chapters to study. It has sections devoted to each exam, which are to be used more as a guide for your studies. It lists references, resources on the exam, and learning objectives. You can't really use it as a primary source of study, but it is the best resource to use as a guide for what you should be studying. 

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    Jessica Lacy

    Yes, as Michael said, it is a guide for your studies, not a book to study. Read the section for this exam to understand what the exam covers.

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    Abdulgader Naseer


    Thank you for the thorough insight on this exam. My question to you is as follows:

    With the understanding that the content of this exam is broad, are there specific items in your "Topics to Know" list that you think one should focus on more than others?

    For example, if there were only 1-2 questions on the exam related to elevator types, but significantly more on fire protection systems, that would be helpful to know for focusing studies between now and the exam date.


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    Jessica Lacy (Edited )


    From my experience in the exam, the most important items to know are:

    • Building codes (IBC 2015 chapters 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 & 10)
    • Zoning
    • ADA (know key dimensions, clearances, & slopes)
    • Coordination of different systems in building
    • Structural systems
    • HVAC systems (types, components, layout & best uses)
    • Electrical systems & distribution
    • Plumbing systems
    • Building materials & details/wall sections (concrete, masonry, steel, wood, etc)
    • Building assemblies/wall sections/moisture protection (moisture barrier & location per climate, flashing, roofing, weep holes, connections, etc)
    • Wind and seismic loads & strategies
    • Lighting (types and their properties)
    • Fire protection systems (fire/smoke alarms, sprinklers, fire rated assemblies, fireproofing)
    • How to read a construction document set, match details to conditions, etc (experience with CDs helps)

    These topics cover most of the questions I had on the exam. The other topics in my full list above only had 1-4 questions each. Keep in mind that your exam experience might be different.

    Hope this helps!

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    Abdulgader Naseer


    This is extremely helpful. Thank you!

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