PPD Pass - Post Exam Notes



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    Jessica Schwartz

    This is so helpful. Thank you and great job with the pass :)

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    Shekufehsadat Kalati

    Did you study Building Codes Illustrated 2015? I can only find 2018..

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    Jessica Lacy

    Thank you Jessica! I'm glad you found it helpful!

    Shekufehsadat, I actually had Building Codes Illustrated 2012, so I studied that, but the differences between the code versions are not that great and there are PDFs and websites with explanations of the differences (just search online or in this forum, I don't have one handy right now).

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    Daniel Rodriguez

    Thank you Jessica, this all sounds really helpful. 

    I am signed up for this exam (first exam) at the end of March and I'm beginning my search for studying material.

    The study material that you used for this exam, do you know if they are applicable to use as study material for the other exams as well? I know you already mentioned they were helpful for the PA and PDD exams.


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    Jessica Lacy


    PPD and PDD have substantial overlap and most of the study material for either one covers both. The most important resources for both of those exams are the IBC, ADA Guidelines, Building Construction Illustrated, Architect's Studio Companion, and Building Codes Illustrated (if needed for better understanding of codes). PA and PPD also overlap (but PA does not overlap PDD much) in codes, ADA, site analysis/design, and programming. The best resources for the site and programming portions (codes and ADA are the same resources as above) of PA and PPD are Site Planning and Design Handbook and Space Planning Basics. Building Construction Illustrated and understanding IBC and ADA (or taking PDD before) is also useful for CE. Otherwise, there is no resource overlap between these exams and the 3 contracts/management exams. The main resources for PjM, PcM, and CE are the Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice and the contracts themselves.

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    Anna Slowey

    Jessica, this is amazing - thank you for all the chapter breakdowns and key concepts to hit. Really helpful when looking at such a wide swath of topics. Most importantly, CONGRATS!

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