3 Times a year limit on retakes



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    Kurt Fanderclai

    Hey, Kendra -- congrats on passing 5 exams.  With that success rate, I wouldn't get discouraged -- there are many candidates crazy envious of that circumstance!

    But I do understand your frustration.  I passed all six in a fairly short time, but I'm always quick to note that I could have easily dropped the ball on any one of them (or more).  And, I'm not sure that there is any consensus on this, but I thought PDD was particularly sucky.  I had made a halfway enjoyable game of passing the first five, but PDD made me sweat bullets -- possibly the realization that, like you, it was my last exam.

    But to your question -- I think you've already answered it.  I think the only reason for 3 retakes / year is similar to the reason other similar types of exams are also limited regarding the number of retakes in a given time period.  On one end of the spectrum would be unlimited retakes with no waiting time between...  in that circumstance, as you've more or less already noted, a candidate could essentially begin to memorize all of NCARB's versions for each exam.  So the test would be more about memorization than knowledge.

    Three attempts in a year is just where NCARB chooses to draw the line in that spectrum, and I'm guessing that they feel that this is an adequate timeframe to deter to memorization given the number of available exam versions.   Frustrating to have to wait, yes, but you will get through it, and then you'll never think about it again.

    Stay motivated.

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    Michelle NCARB

    Kendra -

    Confirming Kurt's suspicion here: the 3 retakes/running year policy is based on exam security and the number of versions (forms) created for each ARE division.  That policy, along with the 60-day wait policy, was made with input from our test development consultants and aligns with typical standards for licensure testing.

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    Kendra Shirley

    Thanks Kurt! I appreciate the support and encouragement. Hopefully the next retake is a pass and I can finally relax!

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