Why a fail is just as good as a pass



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    Brian Starkey

    ahhhh...but don't you want, in some small form, something that actually reflects what we do on a day to day basis?

    And contains a set of documents that you can navigate easily? This test could be three hours long if we didn't have to use the 1995 navigations tools.

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    Nicholas Civitano (Edited )

    Hey Patrick, way to keep positive! I had a similar situation with Ppd.. in as much as I was ok with failing when I thought I didnt know enough to pass. My best advice would be to be completely honest with yourself on how much you know and how much you don't. When I restudied for Ppd after failing the first time but the subsequently passing Pdd 2 weeks later I kinda let off the gas and only studied a few more weeks for my Ppd retake and failed a second time. It wasnt until I really buckeled down and restudied for about 300 plus more hours that I had really obtained the knowledge to say I was proficient in many of the study areas.

    But, you have the right as attitude! Dont give up and you will pass!

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    Patrick Edwards

    @Brian, I think that 5.0 is a much better test of minimum competency in architecture than 4.0 ... and that is what it is - minimum competency. Doing what you do on a day to day basis could be far different than what I do, so a nationalized standard seems appropriate. Every Marine Officer goes through The Basic School, and they all learn the same basic standards in weaponry and tactics. After that, they go on to be pilots, logisticians, infantry, etc. I think you can view this as the same - baseline proof that you can be trusted with lives. It's kind of irrelevant if it's pertinent to your individual specialty or not.

    @Nicholas - thanks! I spent the winter reading a lot of the AGS, and it really paid off, both in the test which I passed a few weeks ago, and in my overall base of knowledge. I studied hard for 5 tests, passed them easily, and let off the gas on PDD - and failed. I think these tests are a pretty basic formula: work hard and pass. And congratulations on adapting and overcoming!

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