A feed back on Ncarb 5.0 divisions, and its comparison with other two professional requirements, first with engineers and second with law professionals.



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    Canada has already made such a change.  NCARB's are still accepted for the various Canadian jurisdictions, however, the licensing boards decided to create their own examinations (it would be if AIA decided to do so) and have come up with an exam that is divided in 4 sections over a period of 2 days.  The passing rate is 85%, which in my opinion is more fair.  Of course, since NCARB is a private company, it is in their best interest to have a low passing rate as they get more money with each fail.

    Here's an example of the EXAC examination.

    Section 1

    • Programming
    • Site and Environmental Analysis
    • Cost Management
    • Coordinating Engineering Systems
    • Schematic Design
    • Design Development

    Section 2 

    • Code Research (NBC 2015 Edition)

    Section 3 

    • Final Project

    Section 4 

    • Bidding and Contract Negotiations
    • Construction Phase – Office
    • Construction Phase – Site
    • Project Management
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    Michael Riscica

    This argument is tired and old.

    All the time you spent researching this stuff you should have been studying how to pass all your exams and become a more successful architect. 


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    Well I think it's important to question 'how these exams are being graded' and the actual 'fairness' of them because 1 out of every 2 candidates taking them are failing and that's ridiculous. Nonetheless we continue to study and throw our money into Ncarbs beloved licensing exam playing the game of 'roulette' until we pass-or give up-something NCARB could care less about.

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    Michael Riscica

    The ARE isn't fair. 
    NCARB isn't fair.
    The AIA isn't fair.
    The Profession isn't fair.
    Clients aren't fair.
    Contractors aren't fair. 
    Nature isn't fair.

    Why are you using your energy whining about NCARB, when you should be studying?!??

    Failing an exam IS the worst thing in the world, when all you energy is focused on just passing a silly exam and that's all you care about.. 

    Failing exam ISNT a big deal when your focused on actually obtaining a deep understanding of this information and becoming a Successful Architect. 

    Stop worrying about what the minimum is and how the ARE is graded. It's not fair and just accept it. Focus your energy on becoming a Successful Architect.  If you can make that your #1 priority you'll pass all your exams as a byproduct of that goal.

    Your better than that!

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    Christopher Rawlins

    Amen to that Michael!


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