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    Patrick Edwards (Edited )

    People rave about Young Architects Bootcamp - the only positive posts I've seen yet about 3rd party study material/method.


    I don't believe any prep course alone is enough to pass PDD.


    The only true sit-down prep course I am aware of is Funknaar.

    Two friends took it. I'd say Funknaar is for you if you can afford $3K and you lack self-discipline.

    Otherwise it's most them building up this conspiracy about NCARB and how they make the tests impossible to pass, and the ONLY WAY YOU WILL BE ANOINTED IS BY PAYING US ALL THIS MONEY.

    Enough said.


    A few friends and I got together and each bought Ballast, ARE Prep, and Brightwood.

    NONE of them are even close to good enough on their own.

    Ballast: decent overview, but either too general, or way too technical

    ARE Prep: ok overview for other tests, but a complete waste of $ for PDD.

    Brightwood: not even worth the $. They just repackaged 4.0 material - which isn't bad in itself, but their material is garbage.


    My strategy (for the 5 I've passed, I haven't passed PDD yet) was to use the 3rd party material for an overview, use practice exams to identify weaknesses, and then dive into the books for depth and detail.

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    Allen Tsai

    Thanks Patrick. Very informative.

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    Patrick Edwards

    No problemo.

    Look into Amber as well, people seem to think he's been helpful. Pretty expensive, though, and I'd be skeptical of relying entirely on one prep course. I think it'd be a great way to understand concepts and then dig a little deeper on weaknesses.

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    Allen Tsai

    Thanks again, no I wasn't planning on relying entirely on a prep course.  I studied 2 months already and failed the PDD, so will need to take it again.  I was looking at prep courses to supplement what I've already studied.

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    Kristen Stanford

    Young Architect Bootcamp and study materials are amazing!  I started with the Bootcamp a year ago.  Now I am in the alumni program with full access to all study materials from the bootcamp, new study materials being produced all the time, and meets-ups (getting to meet and study with other bootcamp people).  I could not have passed without the Young Architect courses.  While I did study multiple other sources, the bootcamp program allows me to study actively online live with people and work through questions together (that is the best perk).  And the program is probably one of the only affordable programs out there.  You definitely get more for your money with Bootcamp. 

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