Can you take two exam (PJM and CE) on the same day?



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    Ryan Alkire

    Radhi -

    On the same day? I suppose you could schedule two exams. As far as the same time slot? I would hope that you wouldn’t be able to schedule two separate exams in the same time slot - if you did, I’d recommend rescheduling and selecting different times for each exam.

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    Julie Brown


    I scheduled my first two exams on the same day: PA and CE. This was last year and I was trying to take advantage of the early testing incentives in a small timeframe. When Prometric called me the day before my exam to confirm my 8am test (PA), I was like, "yep, I'm actually taking TWO exams tomorrow!" (They were my first exams, I was excited I guess?) Prometric Lady seemed caught off guard and cautioned me that despite the exams occurring in two separate time slots: PA from 8am to 12pm and CE from 12pm to 4pm, each exam has its own check-in process. She said I would have to finish my first exam by 11:30am in order to check in for the second exam. If I didn't check in for the second exam in a timely manner, I wouldn't be able to start it. Then, because she was very nice, she told me to come in to the testing center at 7am when the doors open, and she made a note to get me checked in early, and I started my first exam 30 minutes early, before my 8am time slot so that I was able to use my entire exam time and still be on-time for checking in the for second exam. Luckily I experienced no testing issues: no time delays, lagging load issues, connectivity problems, or computer crashes. Had any technical issues occurred --which do still seem to happen based on other posts by ARE takers -- I would had probably missed being able to check in for my second exam. Seeing now how many unexpected issues others have encountered, I would not recommend scheduling two exams in one day.

    I would definitely talk to Prometric and see if you can check in early like I did. I think I was pretty lucky with the testing center accommodating me and me not experiencing ANY hiccups. I started my first exam at 7:05am, finished it at 10:15am with no break taken (it's optional in the 5.0 format, which I liked!), took a 15 minute break between exams, they let me check in for my second one, and I was done with both exams by 1:40pm. I passed them both.

    Good luck!


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    Julie Brown

    Also, if your testing center *won't* let you check in early, and if you don't feel confident that you could shave 30 minutes off your testing time and be finished 30 minutes before your second exam's start time, you might consider rescheduling if you're still in the timeframe to do so. Definitely talk to Prometric before you show up on exam day.

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    Philip Crosscup

    Everyone is different, but I can't imagine taking two in one day.  I find the tests doable, but challenging.  I am usually so spent I have trouble communicating with the Prometric folks, signing out after I complete a test.  I would recommend a nights sleep in between tests unless you have already taken one and still feel ok after. 



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    radhi desai

    Thanks For the response guys, 

    I just decided to go for it and get it done with both on the same day. Since PJM and CE exams has so much overlap. I am a bit nervous but going to try it and see how it goes. 

    Julie that is a very good point. i have scheduled the first from 12 to 4 and the second from 4 to 8 .  I will call my center and request them if i can start earlier. For my last exam they let me start the test 1 hour earlier thn scheduled since i was there, They seemed nice and accommodating. Hopefully i can manage. 


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    Julie Brown

    I would call and make the request with Prometric as soon as you can, because if anything happens that keeps you from starting your first exam early means you'll still HAVE to finish that first exam 30 minutes before your second one's scheduled time slot. Be prepared to get through the PJM content with less than the allotted testing time, just in case day-of issues cause the testing center to not get you in as early as you'd planned. And once you're in the exam, you'll need to keep an eye on the real clock, not the exam clock, to make sure you're out of there in time to check in for the second exam. The time from 3:30pm to 4pm will be used up by you checking out of your first exam (turning in your scratch paper, signing out with the proctor --who may be helping check in/out other exam takers at the moment you're ready, causing a little wait time for you), you'll probably want to inhale a snack, drink some water, and use the restroom, and then you have to check in for your second exam: fingerprint again, photo id again, signing in, looking at the camera, checking your pockets and your ankles and your wrists, giving you new scratch paper, and walking you back into the testing station. Depending on how busy the testing center is, that could take the whole 30 minutes, but hopefully not!

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