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    samira sheikholeslami

    Hi Amy- 

    look for the PDF online! I saw some websites selling it for only $20. If you still would prefer hard copy try ebay, you'll find many ARE used books. 

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    Kelly Duignan

    the pdf is great if you don't want to have to drag the giant book around to study with.

    also, check your local AIA for resources they may have to share!  or if you work in a firm, see if they will invest in purchasing the required version for you.

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    Where is the AHPP available as a PDF? Can someone provide a link please? Thanks in advance.

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    Joel Edwards

    If you are referring to a free PDF, you won't have luck finding that on this forum. Here is a link to a legitimate digital copy available on Amazon.

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    Thank you Joel.  I was not expecting it for free, simply availability in PDF format.  I have the 14th edition as a hard copy.  Is it still useful or do I need the 15th edition?  Thanks in advance.

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