PjM - Pass - Notes on my prep



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    Morgan Graboski

    Hi Seth! Congrats!

    I am just starting my journey into the world of 5.0, and I've found your posts about PjM and Pcm to be very useful! Wanted to ask though - you mentioned re-studying PcM material for PjM - did you study for these exams concurrently?

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    Yi Li

    Thanks! So you need to know all the LEED stuff as well??

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    Seth Wiley

    Hi Morgan.

    I overlapped studying for PcM & PjM because I found the material to be VERY similar.

    Good luck to you!

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    Seth Wiley

    Hi Yi Li.

    I studied the LEED stuff because it did come up on almost all the prep tests. I feel like I recall there being a couple questions about LEED on the actual exam.

    FYI: I breezed over the LEED stuff a few times - only so I was familiar with it.

    Hope that helps!

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