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    Kurt Fanderclai

    This thread seemed to have popped up twice in my email...


    You certainly aren't required to financially support the AIA -- ever.  And, you only need to pay NCARB dues if you plan to become licensed.  Once licensed, a current NCARB is needed for reciprocity into other states, etc.  All of these decisions are 100% in your control.

    The "intern" versus "some-other-name"  debate has been an ongoing issue for quite some time.  The tasks that someone with no license might do on a daily basis might seem very similar to what an licensed architect does on a daily basis.  However, and although no across-the-board agreement has yet been reached, the public should be able to easily make the distinction between licensed architects versus all other unlicensed individuals.  Names that obscure this distinction in the public's eyes ultimately work against the profession.   

    Hypothetically, the AIA and NCARB could agree 100% on this issue -- or disagree 100% -- which, might carry some amount of influence on individual state boards.   Or, not.  From a practical viewoint, however, the requirements of the specific state jurisdiction must be followed. 


    Every state has terms that comply and don't comply, and so you need not necessarily refer to yourself as an "intern", if that is what is bothering you.  Call your state board if you have any questions regarding compliance with the law, versus what you intend to call yourself.  

    If your frustration is the lack of full agreement and contintuity between the AIA, NCARB, and all 50+ jurisdictions, then that is an entirely different matter.  From a practical viewpoint, you could personally devote every bit of your time to rectifying just this one issue, and you would not make a dent.  It's up to you to determine for yourself the value of such effort.



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