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    Alyssa Baz

    It's my understanding that he's still making some of the videos.  Perhaps it'll be complete in the next few months.  

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    Mollie Pelletier

    I believe PS only have videos for the first 4 exams. It’s fairly new and i found them to be very good, but they haven’t finished the whole six test series. Perhaps se if you can get a refund?

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    Kevin Griendling

    Hi Alexandra,

    The courses are still in progress. I just received my editor's feedback on the content for PDD which may publish around the end of January, and CE should come out just a couple months after. I am trying my best to get them into everyone's hands as soon as I possibly can! 

    Best of luck,

    Kevin Griendling, AIA

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    Alexandra Adams

    Thanks Kevin, my fault for not doing my due diligence before purchasing! I will definitely make use of the videos for later exams. 

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