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    Scott Barber

    Here's my experience and some extra thoughts, not sure if you had anything specific in mind:

    - May 28 2018, finished my exams. No immediate change in my professional practice. 
    - November 12 2018, finished the AXP. Wait for NCARB and NC Board review. 
    - December 12, 2018: received my official license # to practice in NC. One of the partners and my ARE supervisor announce it to the rest of my office. I get back to work for the rest of the week :) 

    If you're curious about a pay raise, it's probably more helpful to ask someone you work with. Some firms do offer an automatic raise after you're licensed, but others (mine included) base your salary on your daily tasks and value you bring to the firm. Getting licensed didn't change anything for me day-to-day (so far), so I didn't get a raise. I expect it'll be a consideration for my review that's coming up, though.

    I would also expect your daily tasks will stay pretty similar, but it would probably vary for each firm. I doubt you'll be signing/sealing drawings anytime soon, unless you're in a very small firm and there are other unique circumstances.

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    Osman Bilger

    Depends on your position. I'm a project manager and working in a firm means working under someone elses license. Just wrapped up my exams and my only motivation was to do it for myself and my family.
    Like Scott said it's great for review time and you will most likely take a more outward presence in the firm (attending meetings for new projects, interfacing with clients, ect...)

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