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    Marion Bledsoe

    I recommend the ARE Boot Camp! 

    Not sure exactly how it works to sign up at this stage, but it would be worth contacting YoungArchitect.com to find out. I think they have had a recent price increase, but still FAR less than the sources you mentioned. 

    interactive learning with many opportunities during the week to 'meetup' (by Zoom) with peers sharing the same questions and concerns, and working through, together, sample questions and scenarios. You have a chance to raise your own topics of specific concern, not just passively listen to a set list. Get as focused or in depth as you want. Also includes  a suggested syllabus, and provides links to maybe 100 relevant videos.

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    Christopher Kiefer

    I agree with Tatamin about getting help from a local AIA chapter, which admittedly can be hit-or-miss depending on the area.

    Someone had suggested to me to join the AIA East Bay chapter (near San Francisco). This was probably the most important decision I made during my entire ARE endeavor. My AIA chapter had a substantial library of ARE study materials--probably about 50 books, plus flash cards. (In retrospect, I think they have ALL the study books.) Members were able to check them out for a few weeks at a time. By contrast, the San Francisco chapter did not offer such perks.

    In addition, my AIA chapter hosted a structured ARE course for about 6 months out of the year. I didn't join this due to unfortunate timing on my part, but the AIA director (who was amazingly dedicated) granted me access to the class' Google+ page, which had some bonus notes and exercises. 

    So, by all means, at least investigate about your local AIA chapter. Many companies will even compensate your membership. Yes, the testing fees, study materials and memberships are all expensive, but it's unavoidable. I budgeted a paycheck or two, and just considered it an educational investment in myself. College is slower and more expensive by comparison.


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