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    Javad Abhar

    Congrats Jaclyn!!  Thanks for your ARE test advices.

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    Danielle Sturman

    Would you suggest reading the entire building construction illustrated and entire  Architect's Studio Companion? I am taking the exam in 10 weeks and trying to come up with my game plan for studying! I've been given advice from multiple people and everyone says something different, trying to wrap my head around it lol

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    David Kaplan


    Just jumping in here.  For PPD - I don't think you need to go to deep with Building Construction Illustrated.  That book is really geared more towards PDD.  I would look at the structural systems details in there and maybe pages that deal with overviews of system types.  Now Architect's Studio Companion - I could not recommend that book more and yes, I feel it is beneficial to read it all.  You can of course skip all the Canadian code stuff, and also, no need to read those pages that deal with the sizing of actual members.  If I remember correctly, in the structural systems chapters they get into how to spec 2 x sizes and all that - I didn't read any of that.  Know, however, what system should be used for what type of span.  What are the short spanning wood, steel and concrete systems?  What are the long-spanning wood, steel, and concrete systems? 

    I also didn't get into the specifics of sizing HVAC systems or sizing HVAC equipment rooms, and Studio Companion gets into that a little bit.  You can glaze over that stuff. 

    Know the concepts, know the types of systems, know under what conditions those systems would be appropriate.

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    Danielle Sturman

    Thank you so much David that was extremely helpful!

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