IBC 2015 Occupancy Classification



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    Stephen Starks

    Yong Jae Kim,

    Typically, the use of the facility drives the definition for the occupancy type.

    As you have stated, 12th grade and below is classified as a type E occupancy, while everything above 12th grade is considered type B.


    That being said, IBC sections 303.1.1, 303.1.2, and 305.1.1 all contain modifiers to this convention. Dependent on number of occupants, area, and intended use: the assembly space can either be considered either type B or A-3.

    There is no quick answer for this one I am afraid. It is advisable to read over the IBC chapter 3 sections for A, B, and E to get familiar with them. Once you have a specific building (with a specific area for assembly), you can then run through this information and make the best determination for your occupancy type.


    I hope this helps.


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    Yong Jae Kim

    thank you very much!

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