Do hardcopy books for study exisit?



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    David Kaplan

    Absolutely there are. I used almost all hard copy books to study for PA, PPD, and PDD. If you click on my name you can find my contributions to this forum where I've listed all my resources.

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    Scott Barber

    I agree with David - almost everything I studied was a physical book. The only thing I didn't study with a physical copy was doing the Designer Hacks quizzes. I wrote a post after passing each exam. Not sure which you're taking next but you can look at my profile and see the posts. The books David studied for PDD and PPD are pretty much identical to what I looked at if I remember correctly, and they're what I saw the majority of people suggest on this forum for those two exams. 

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    Jessica Wilcox

    Thank you two very much! I appreciate it. The resources you both mention should come in handy. I think I even have copies of my old companion and illustrated, albeit a couple editions old. Probably still fine, i imagine?

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    Theodore Diamond

    Definitely fine.  I studied only from old editions.  They were cheaper/available at the library.

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    Michael Riscica

    If you don't have a history of reading digital books, studying for the ARE isnt the time to start using digital copies of books. Use hard copies and mark them up!!! 

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