FAR-Ratio of floor area to total site area or buildable site area??



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    Robert Barnhart

    I was thinking it is the site x the FAR but you keep the floor area within the buildable area/ setback.

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    Michelle NCARB


    I can't speak to what's in the 3rd party test prep materials, but I can say the key thing is for you to understand the concept of FAR and how to apply it.  A question on the ARE would provide appropriate details so you would know which way to calculate it.

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    Ted Young (Edited )

    FAR is the floor area / site area, plus any additional floors on the building itself. Lot coverage is just first floor or floor area that covers only the lot or site. 

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    Ted Young

    It's the entire site area. For ex: If the site is 10,000 s.f. 

    Allowable FAR is .5%  and proposed structure is 5,000 s.f.  your FAR is 50% = OK  

    if your proposed structure was 5,001 s.f. your FAR would be over allowable and not ok. 

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