How to Navigate Confusing Questions



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    Derek Mason

    For me, if I feel that I have paused far too long on the question, I flag it and move on. I plan to make sure I have time to return to these questions. 

    Of what I have learned, it's "what is the best possible response" in the given situation. All may seem plausible, or not. What is the best out of all of them. Or....which ones you do not pick first. 

    They are challenging questions. Sometimes it's just a matter of taking a very brief moment to relax and see what exactly they are acting for. It could be very superficial. 


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    Mollie Pelletier

    I use the strike through and highlight tool for the question and the answers.

    I look for clues in the question. Often they say “during the schematic phase of a design bid build project” or “after construction starts on a historic preservation project”. I felt that each word made one answer more right than another or expressed the underlying priority. The details in the answers are also important. One word could invalidate an answer.

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