Anyone selling/renting ARE 5.0 study materials for Exams in 2019?



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    Kurt Fanderclai


    My opinion -- I would not randomly buy books.

    For most, the general agreement is that the exams divide into three groups:

    1.   PjM, PcM, and CE

    2.   PA

    3.  PPD / PDD

    Formulate an exam order first according to these groups, then read everything on this forum to understand the general consensus for each exam.

    Also look at this thread: 

    Good lcuk!


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    HAO YU


    Thank you! I totally agree with you. I will take your advise and strategize further to take the exams by study smart. 


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    Mollie Pelletier

    I just passed my last exam today. I have the blue ballast book and practice exam book that goes with it that i was going to sell if you’re interested. They are used and minorly marked in. I bought them in November or 2017.

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    HAO YU

    Hi Mollie,

    Yes, I am interested. As long as it is targeting ARE 5 exams, it should be the right ones. Please confirm pick up location and price with me by following email:


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