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    Anthony Quattrini


    I just recently took PcM (passed!) and am studying for my PjM in 3 weeks (about 3-4 weeks apart is how I'm scheduling these).

    What I've used, and am currently using are:

    NCARB handbook, code of conduct

    -I've only really had a few questions dealing with these but the handbook gives a few great example questions for each testing section as well as the appropriate study materials (according to them). Worth a read for sure.


    -Absolutely a must. Search through the PcM threads and you can find a few "sections to study" suggestions for the various tests. Helps narrow down your focus of what to study on. I will post a link to the one I used when I find it on here. I read very slowly, taking notes as I went on things I knew were the big-ticket items to know (project delivery methods, fees, company styles, etc.) This is probably the most important study material for PcM and PjM.

    Ballast ARE 5.0 Review Manual

    -Good to read at least once through for the specific section you're studying for but it essentially just reiterates what the AHPP tells you with less detail.

    Schiff Lectures

    -With the AHPP, these are crucial. They are broken down into 2 parts for each contract, roughly 2-2.5 hours each. It is very helpful having the contract printed out so you can follow along and make notes accordingly. I listened to them a 2nd time while working out, driving, etc.

    Designer hacks

    -Probably not essential, but I found these to be a good break from my usual study stuff. At least for PcM, I found that a few questions were fairly similar to the test, and they do a great job explaining why a certain answer is incorrect or correct (sometimes they don't even attempt to explain - very frustrating.)


    Hope that helps, good luck!

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    Wow thanks Anthony!  And Congratulations! I did use Designer Hacks for PA, they didn't have case studies, and some questions were frustrating (click all that apply vs an actual # of answers).  But I'll use them as well.  Can't have too many resources.

    Another question, are there case studies in these exams?

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    Anthony Quattrini

    No problemo! 

    Felt pretty good to pass, even though I was unsure on half the questions. Just gotta trust your gut.

    There's a few on the tests that are indeed "choose all that apply" as well as "choose the 3 that best apply". Very frustrating, but that's just how it is. 


    There are indeed case studies. When I did PcM, I quickly went through all the non-case study questions and then took my 15 minute break to drink some water and relax for a second. Then came back, did the case studies, and whatever time was leftover, I went back through the questions I flagged initially and double-checked. The case studies take some time to get familiar with the scenario (10 questions each), but just keep in mind that all the info you need is right in front of you and that these questions are worth the exact same amount as the non-case study questions.

    Hope that helps...Don't sweat the case studies.


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    Samineh Mirian


    Here is a guide for narrowing down AHPP:


    Hope this helps, good luck! 

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