PjM Fail - Advice Needed



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    Tyrone Bunyon

    You could have possibly got hit with just a difficult test. It's the luck of the draw sometimes. I had a few Gantt charts as well. I would say the case study is where people get the most trouble. I did not finish AHPP either and did not pass.

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    Osman Bilger

    Think bigger picture about the questions you struggled on. Questions about gantt charts means youre being tested on schedules. Crack open the AHPP and youtube. Lots of good content about all types of schedules (Critical path, Gantt, abstract wall schedules, ect...)



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    Gohar Nazaryan

    Thank you for the feedback! I had passed 3 sections but got Level 3's on Project Work Planning and Project Quality Control. I'll make sure to utilize the AHPP to refine my knowledge in these two sections. Hadn't thought of using YouTube videos.


    Thank you! 

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    Mariana Diaz

    I passed PjM on my second try after passing PcM on the first try. What helped me out a lot was the pluralsight lecture for PjM, especially the section on budgeting and staffing. Since you won't get the same exam on your next try, I would recommend spending more time reading the AHPP and the contracts thoroughly. 


    Good luck!

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    Gohar Nazaryan

    Hi Mariana,

    Thank you for the helpful advice. I will make sure to read the AHPP this time around. I haven't used pluralsight before but will check that out. 


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