Does anyone have idea to solve this lateral load quesiton from Gang Chen book?



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    David Kaplan

    Disclaimer: my response here is nothing more than my "gut" reaction and how I would answer this question if I got this on the exam and I, too, felt that I didn't have a grasp on this.  So - keep this in mind please, and I'd love to know what the actual answer is and anyone else's comments.

    My gut instinct is Column B because it is the only column that is braced on both sides.  If I had to imagine how this building would deform under lateral loads, it feels like to me that Column B would have the least amount of deflection because it is connected at both the top and the bottom, and, it is located in the middle of the building.

    Best guess - I welcome other responses, even if I'm totally wrong.  What does this book say is the correct answer?

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    Marissa Hernandez

    Column B would be my guess as well. Am curious to know the answer. 

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    Li Xing (Edited )

    Thanks for the try. Have you guys think of the column height and rigidity could relate to the lateral load each column would take?

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    Li Xing

    The answer is C. The reason is short column effect since column is shortest, it will take most lateral loads.

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