Failed PDD 2nd time - Construction Documentation Section



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    Ethan Warren

    Try and focus more on detail drawings that are in Building construction illustrated and AGS.  Your 4 years of experience should help you with the construction details but the way your firm standardizes details may be different than how they are meant to be taught. I think I was able to get through this test because my experience in a firm is not as extensive so I had to study the details more and rely less on personal experience. 

    Good luck with your last test. I'm sure you will be able to improve on your next attempt. 

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    David Kaplan

    I found as well that the construction detail questions on the ARE - particularly the ones in the case studies where you have to hunt down the locations of keyed details and identify where they apply to certain parts of the building - ALWAYS have tricks in them.  You really have to pay attention and make sure that if the question says "select the detail that corresponds to this door" or something like that, that you REALLY look at those details and make 100% sure that it matches up.  Could be something as simple as one note on the detail that is incorrect, but everything else is correct, that can throw you off.  Had that happen to me a couple of times.

    Aside from that, Ethan is right - I used BCI and AGS and found them to very helpful.  I've spent 14 years doing CD's, and I personally felt that several of the details presented to me on the ARE didn't necessarily align with ones that I've drawn before, so it was good to see another guide's approach to them.

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