PPD & PDD Study Materials - Old version of The Architects Studio Companion



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    David Kaplan

    My vote is yes, get a later version. I say this because green design has come to the forefront these past years and I don't know if an older version would sufficiently cover this. I got the latest version free online.

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    Theodore Diamond

    I will disagree on this.  The fundamentals of green design are really unchanged and are definitely unchanged in the context of the exam.  I believe that I used the fourth edition (it was free online).  For structures and mechanical, you'll be fine with the third.

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    David Kaplan

    Good comment too.  If an older version will work - great.  I guess my take was "if it's free, why not get it?" 

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    Christopher Kiefer

    I personally found the Architect's Studio Companion to be most helpful with practice management-type topics. I only read bits of the 2002 version, or earlier. There are much better resources for structures and MEP.

    I found the PPD exam to be more about rules-of-thumb and grand strategies. For me the Black Spectacles video nailed it. These videos are great at over-arching principles for both structures and MEP.

    However, those videos were a bit inadequate in detail for PDD in my opinion. For PDD structures, I highly recommend this free YouTube playlist (link below). The best videos in this list are by Dilip Khatri, SE, who goes through equations as if it were the ARE 4.0. They were key for me in the 5.0 exam. 


    For PDD's MEP bits, I mainly read the Amber Book. (I didn't even realize Amber had subscription videos until after I passed the exams!) I also watched some YouTube videos about air conditioning and electricity.

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