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    Scott Barber

    Hi Yoonsun, 

    I may have misunderstood what you're saying, but there's a lot of overlap between different exams. I found that some of the questions on one exam could also have been on a different exam that was similar. I thought a number of people (including myself) mentioned that type of thing on different posts or comments, but maybe not as clearly as I thought. 
    I found that the ARE Handbook was a good reference to know what would be covered on each exam. There will always be a small number of questions that are unexpected, but looking back at all the exams I felt that it was a very accurate portrayal of the questions and content you'll be asked about on the exams. As you look through the Handbook, you'll see similarities in the content across different divisions

    These are the exams that overlap most significantly (and are good to study for at the same time and take close together, ~2 weeks or so):
    - PcM, PjM, and CE
    - PPD and PDD
    - PPD and PA (not as much overlap as PPD/PDD though)

    Hope that helps. Good luck!

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    Yoonsun Yang

    Hello Scott,

    Yes! Thank you for your reply. That makes sense a lot of sense. 

    Thank you again. 

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