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    David Kaplan (Edited )

    The tests use IBC 2015 now. Not 2018.  However,  the 2015 code is arranged the same way.  Believe it or not, the new tables are the same as the "200% and 300%" paragraph you've provided above.  What IBC did in 2015 was to take the calculation and instead of YOU doing the math,  they've now done it for you.

    Your confusion lies in your misunderstanding of how to apply the area increase.  Let's take the IIB S1 example.  The table says 8,500 SF for NS.  For S1 it says 34,000 SF.  And you're saying "wait, that's 400% now." Well, technically yes.  The paragraph you provided from IBC 2012 says "an additional 300%."  This means you can take the Table 503 area and ADD 300% on top of that - as in "8,500 + [(8,500)(3)]."  Theres your 400%.

    Hope this helps! Summary: 2012, 2015. 2018 are saying the same info, just presented differently.

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    Yong Jae Kim

    Got it! thank you very much!!

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