Fifth time taking, fifth failed and now lost of my rolling clock



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    YOU'RE NOT ALONE FELLOW TEST TAKER!! I too am having this problem. I've studied damn everything listed in that handbook. This exam is deceiving, I just took PA for the FIFTH time and left feeling pretty good overall about my answers and again a FAIL! WTH is going on here? I can't make heads or tails of it! I keep getting the same damn questions and use deductive reasoning to answer them and I rack my brain on whether I got it right or wrong, It's like 'groundshog day' and It just wants you to give up! I think it's more about keeping out the competition and less of the safety & welfare of the general public. 

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    Veronica Blanco (Edited )

    Hi RJ, I am trying to do not have conspiracy theories, but this is absolutely crazy. The tests ARE NOT to protect the health, safety and wealth of the people. The tests are a English trick of questions so complicated that you never ever are going to use in real life.

    The funny thing is in my test I failed with level 4 "construction cost estimate" and I have a single question that I know for a fact that I successfully pass (unfortunately I cannot replicate the question here otherwise I will be banned) So, you tell me how the f... I failed with level 4.

    The other thing that is ridiculous is that you can challenge the test (after paying, off course) but they will not change the result; so why even try to challenge?

    This bureaucrats seating comfortable in NCARB they are not here to help, they do not care because off course they get a salary every month and they work for themselves, they do not help, they do not care; while you and I have to keep studying, keep trying and keep suffering. Good luck in your tests, do not give up

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