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    David Kaplan


    I personally feel that this exact question you've asked is too vague, and this level of vagueness will not occur on the ARE.  I had a question my exam that was similar in nature: it was about a renovation project where several rooms had to be redone, the place needed to stay in operation, and we had to address how we would phase the construction to address all their needs.  The point though is that, in the question that I had, I was given 4 or 5 different criteria that had to be followed that led me to get the correct answer right away once I thought about it.  It was obvious.

    This question is not obvious - too much is unknown. 

    This being a school job - I assume that it's closed during the summer.  So this being said, the kitchen and admin. office could happen then when there's no kids there.  However, this question does not tell us that summer is an option.  The ARE would tell you that.

    If they close the gym, will those functions be temporarily moved to the multipurpose room?  The ARE would tell you that as well.

    Tough to answer to this one, but I assure you a question of this type will be more apparent.

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    Jared Weaver



    I had a similar question on the test. I think the right answer depended on a big shuffle game where you built a space that didn't affect any other space, then moved an existing space into the newly renovated space, and renovated that newly vacated spot you just moved into the new space, and so on and so forth. 

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    Janice Chiu

    Thank you so much, Jared! I was tested with this question in PA back in October, and I failed the test. I don't want to not know how to answer it again in my next retake test! ( if similar questions appear again) Now, I know the general strategy, I feel a lot more confident.

    Thank you for trying to understand my question too, David. I agree it's very vague, but using summer to do most of the renovation was a good point too!




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    David Kaplan

    Jared's advice is good, and I think he and I are talking about the same question as well.  Like I said, there was way more info given to you that helped you decide which item should go first.  And yes, figuring out which piece's renovation didn't affect the others was key, and then everything else sort of fell into place. 

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